Taraxacum officinale

Discover the amazing benefits and uses of Taraxacum Officinale, a powerful herbal remedy. Learn how this plant can improve your health and enhance your well-being.
A comprehensive review of the benefits of Taraxacum officinale on human health | Bulletin of the National Research Centre | Full Text Flowers, Plants, Botanical Illustration, Vintage Illustration, Plant Leaves, Dandelion Leaves, Dandelion Plant, Fig, Dandelion Flower

Background Taraxacum officinale (G.H. Weber ex Wiggers), commonly known as dandelion, is a herbaceous plant native to North America, Europe and Asia. This plant has been used for health purposes since ancient times. The phytochemicals present in different parts of the plant are responsible for its medicinal properties. In this review, we describe the main health properties of Taraxacum officinale. Main body of the abstract We searched for the main medicinal properties of Taraxacum officinale…

Gabriella Barbara