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Elevate your teachers' office space with these creative ideas that promote productivity and inspiration. Find practical solutions to organize and personalize their work environment.
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One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into my classroom is how much I adore using organizational tools from The Container Store. I always save up to purchase a couple special items for my classroom each year from their amazing selection. Over the past ten years, I’ve been able to slowly-but-surely design a learning environment that meets my organizational dreams and helps students work as self-directed learners. That organized space is something I've been missing dearly since…

Natalie Earl
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I have around 160 kids. Well, they’re not technically mine, but for the 180 days that I am responsible for filling their brains with knowledge, I call them my own. If you’re new here, I am a high school mathematics teacher. I have regular Algebra 1 classes and then I also have cycle Algebra Remediation classes […]

Jennifer Webb
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Man oh man, do teachers ever work hard. While I’m no longer in the classroom full time, I’ll never forget my classroom roots and the time, energy, and dedication that being an excellent educator demands. There’s just no end to the amount of mad props these teacher-heroes deserve. And as coaches, that’s what we’re dedicated to doing […]

Lissy Dean