Teeth study

Explore the latest studies and research findings on teeth and oral health. Discover valuable insights and tips to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.
Teeth Studies - 2002 by dirktiede on DeviantArt Animation, Anatomy Reference, Anatomy Drawing, Drawing Reference Poses, Werewolf Art, Art Reference Poses, Drawing Expressions, Drawing Reference, Creature Drawings

Description If I haven't already revealed myself to be a complete and utter dork about this werewolf stuff, this should prove it — I even did a dentition study, and of course, I had to animate it. I only ended up doing the the front and side views, since animating the tooth schematic would have been even more overkill than this already is. You can view the animations here: [link] Using human and canine anatomy for reference, I worked out how the transitions between the two would work with…

Linda Hearn