The walking dead shiva

Discover the captivating story of Shiva, the ferocious tiger from The Walking Dead. Learn about the amazing bond between Shiva and King Ezekiel and how Shiva became a fan favorite. Join the TWD fandom and dive into the world of Shiva today!
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I was a zookeeper. Shiva, she fell into one of the concrete moats in her exhibit. It was empty, the vets were on their way, but her leg was ripped open. She was gonna bleed out. The sound she made; she was in so much pain. I knew the risk. I had to try. And I got my shirt up around her leg, saved her life. After that, she never showed so much as a tooth in my direction. Keeping a tiger isn't practical, I know. She eats as much as ten people. She could yank the chain out of my hand. Hell, she…

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