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Explore stunning theatre photography ideas that capture the essence of the stage. Discover how to create dramatic and memorable images that showcase the magic of live performances.
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I love all of my sessions and have been to a lot of great locations, but this session at the Mishler with Connor was absolute magic! The lighting for this was perfection and it was created by the talented C’Jay Castello.

Bobby Vinson

Hunger pangs Cravings For connection Reaching out To an inner light Remembering A heart That beats Cherishing The sacred Essence of Self Holding Life In my hands Breathing in Presence Gently. © …

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In the series ‘Human Space’, Slovakian photographer and artist Maria Svarbova captures surreal and strange scenes of figures in deserted landscapes. Her images, which are bathed in cool colors, feature subjects that typically have a blank and detached expression. Svarbova describes the aim of her photography as “delivering a message and triggering feelings with a […]