Tiered landscape

Create a stunning tiered landscape with these top ideas. Transform your outdoor space into a multi-level paradise that will impress your guests.
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Top tier: Pocahontas lilac, lamb's ear, Sensation lilac, lamb's ear, Angel White lilac, lamb's ear, Miss Kim lilac Middle tier: Twist N Shout hydrangea, daylily, Nikko Blue hydrangea, daylily Bottom tier: Turtlehead chelone, daylily, Quickfire hydrangea, daylily, Turtlehead chelone, daylily


A sloping garden can be a challenging landscape problem for any homeowner. Not only can it sometimes be an eyesore, but it also frequently leads to problems with soil erosion and flooding. Fortunately, through the simple process of...

Karen Davey
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As a landscape designer, I often visit new clients’ homes where the challenge is the same — how to deal with a sloped backyard (or front yard). Certainly, you could simply leave it alone and enjoy nature as it is, but there are inherent problems with that (erosion or water drainage towards your house, and loss of usable outdoor living space). So, if you want to correct a slope, what do you do? You create a tiered, or terraced, garden design. Now, this could be a project you could do on your…

Naomi Tatro