Tongue problems

Learn about the common tongue problems, their causes, and effective solutions. Take control of your oral health and find relief from discomfort with these helpful tips.
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For centuries, practitioners of ancient medicine have considered the tongue a key clue in any diagnosis—but why is it still relevant today? Until humans drastically evolve otherwise, the tongue remains the only internal organ visible without a scalpel. The tongue may not seem like an organ in the traditional sense, but it is 100% pure muscle, fed directly by blood and nerves, with cells that regenerate every 10 days (much like the cells lining your digestive tract). Looking at it can give us…

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9 Surprising Symptoms of a Tongue Tie Sleep Apnoea, Speech Therapy, Tension Headache, Stomach Ache, Symptoms, Digestion Problems, Sleep Apnea, Orthodontics, Tongue Tie

Each year we meet 100's of clients who have symptoms of tongue ties but think their symptoms are normal. Mouth breathing, speech problems, digestion problems, crooked teeth, tension headaches, picky eating, snoring, sleep apnea and forward head posture are common symptoms with tongue ties. It's never too late to correct a tongue tie. We can help!

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