Under sink plumbing

Discover common issues and effective solutions for under sink plumbing. Keep your sink running smoothly with these expert tips and tricks.
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I don't go out of my way to be a nit picker as a Seattle Home Inspector----sometimes it just happens. I think the kind of nit picker that most agents have a problem with is when those seemingly unimportant items end up in the "Summary of Significant Findings" section of the report. This is "bad form"----as Captain Hook would say. While this kind of information should be mentioned in the context of general "information" about the home, placing it in the Summary gives it "weight" that it…

Marcy Pierson
By turning the P trap to the side, I was able to fit the new flexible waste pipe without trimming the excess length! Bathroom Sink Plumbing, Install Bathroom Sink, Under Sink Plumbing, Diy Plumbing, Plumbing Tools, Bathroom Tub, Plumbing System, Basement Bathroom, Bathroom Fixtures

Installing a new sink, but now the drain doesn't line up with the pipe in the wall? I'll show you how to install a flexible waste pipe with a handy kit that gives you everything you need to work around those tricky situations! Now my bathroom sink plumbing flows perfectly, without custom fit PVC pipes!

Fred F Estrada