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The Sewing Goatherd: My Dream 1865 Pink and Lace Ball Gown - Obstacles West

I don't remember exactly when I saw this dress, but I do remember I fell in love with it immediately. 1865 Countess Wilhelmina Von Hallwyl Dress (Click on photo to go to museum listing) Instantly I wanted to recreate it, but there were a few obstacles in my way. First, when I saw this dress I was quite new to making historical clothing and had no idea how to go about making it. Second, where would I find the materials for the dress at a reasonable price? Silk Moire is expensive and not…

Ellen GRACEART Women Gothic Victorian Rococo Dress Costumes Wine red XL : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Fabric: Silks and satins, excellent workmanship, 100% QUALITY WARRANTY. Zipper closure Package include: 1 Victorian dress and 1 petticoat and 1 adjustable waistbelt. This luxurious victorian ball gown featured high necklines collar with bowknot, long sleeves, and full skirts Zipper closure on the back, adjustable waistbelt to cinch the waist Full Length Victorian Queen Ballgown Dress Marie Antoinette cosplay Costume Great for Victorian Masquerade Ball, Victorian Masquerade Ball, Ren faire…

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Get ready to step into the magical world of the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball with my guide to creating the perfect costume. From movie-inspired designs to historical fashion, i provide tips and inspiration for creating stunning masquerade ball gowns, choosing the perfect masquerade mask, and unleashing your creativity on the dance floor. Join Jareth the Goblin King and Sarah Williams for a night of fairytale magic and unforgettable glamour.

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The Sewing Goatherd: The 1865 Pink and Lace Ball Gown - Finished! Haute Couture, Pink Victorian Dress, Dream Dress, Pink Ball Gowns, Vintage Gowns, 1800s Dresses Victorian, 1800s Dresses Aesthetic, Princess Dress, Victorian Dress

I mentioned it in my last blog post, but just in case you missed it - It's done!! My 1865 Pink and Lace ball gown, the project I've been dreaming about for years, and working on for over a month, is now actually, truly, really, done! You know, it's a strange feeling when a project this big is finally, actually done. There's a feeling of excitement, yes, but also a bit of a feeling of let down. After spending hours upon hours working on a project, it's suddenly done. Complete. Finished. The…

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