Victorian kitchen remodel

Transform your kitchen into a charming and elegant Victorian-inspired space with these top ideas for a stunning kitchen remodel. Create a timeless and inviting atmosphere that will make cooking a pleasure.
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Woah guys, Hello! To say this kitchen reveal is a long time in the making is an understatement, and I am thrilled to reveal our newly renovated kitchen and mudroom addition! This project has been in the works since 2017, and with the help of my trusty friend SketchUp, we were able to come up with the perfect plan for our home through countless iterations. We were asking ourselves big questions, like what does this house need that would make our life inside its walls the most comfortable? Our…

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Discover how to seamlessly integrate modern conveniences with Victorian charm in your kitchen. This guide to modern Victorian kitchen aesthetics offers creative ideas and inspiration for those looking to blend historical elegance with contemporary style in the heart of their homes.

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A Juliet balcony looking out over the River Thames is one of the reasons this kitchen felt so atmospheric. The dappled light poured in through the open doors and was instantly softened by the earthy tones and delicate translucent fabric at the windows. Using the same colour on your walls and your cupboards always seems to make a room feel more cohesive, but mostly it softens