Viking food

Experience the flavors of the Viking era with these mouthwatering food recipes. Discover traditional dishes that will transport you to the ancient world and satisfy your taste buds.
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Embark on a culinary journey through time and explore the flavors and dishes of the Viking Age. These authentic Viking recipes will give you a taste of the foods that nourished the legendary Norse warriors. From hearty stews to rustic bread, these dishes provide a glimpse into the Viking's daily life...

Brigitte Castonguay
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When we chose Norway as the Scandinavian country we’d study for geography club, it was really all about the Vikings. The clothes, longboats, food, and way of life is fascinating Really, what little boy could resist? My rough and tumble boy certainly wasn't one to resist the topic, and frankly, my girls were just as excited

Sarah Towle
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Jimmy Lowther

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