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Unleash your inner warrior with these Viking woman costume ideas. Channel the strength and bravery of the legendary Viking women and conquer any party or event.
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Viking braids, or Nordic braids, are a style of braid thought to be worn by ancient Vikings. The women of these cultures were hard workers, and some were even thought to be warriors. Braids kept long hair tight to the head in battle and made room for helmets. Today, Viking braids are a beautiful and […]

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Skade was a main character and antagonist in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series, acting as the central antagonist of Season 3. She was the consort of Harald Bloodhair and, for a brief period of time, a lover of Uhtreds. In "The Burning Land", on his way to meet Alfred at Æscengam, Uhtred and his small force pass through a small village where they come across one of Harald's war bands led by Skade who is found mutilating the village priest in the…

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