Vintage bathtub

Transform your bathroom into a charming oasis with vintage bathtub ideas. Explore different styles and designs to create a relaxing and nostalgic atmosphere for your bathing experience. has some information on the various bathtubs available for your manufactured home. Bathtub, Vintage Bathtub, Antique Bathtub, Slipper Bathtub, Bathtubs, Bath Fixtures, Clawfoot Bathtub, Tub Chandelier, Master Tub

When thinking about antique bathtubs we need to remember that the bathroom, as we know it, is still relatively new. Before 1870, Victorians would slide into a hipbath in front of the fire. These shallow baths were curved up the back making a comfortable rest and were made of iron or zinc, usually painted dark brown on the outside and cream or marbled on the inside. There were also the bathtubs in which you sat down - they were square or oval with a small seat and portable shower - a…

Coretta Moerkea