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While most of us grew up with supermarkets and shopping malls already existing; some of us remember the family-run grocery stores where your options were often limited. Others might even have had the chance to grow their own food, but once general stores grew bigger and became more convenient, there was no way back. Still, the consumerist lifestyle as we know it didn't happen overnight, and we got where we are now gradually.

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When it comes to art and the way it makes your heart feel, we can see that the more delicate the art you appreciate, the more you appreciate it. If you do not believe us, then you have to look at people who are collecting vintage tea cups and you will know what we mean. Even those who are not very enamored of the ritual drinking of tea will find it in their hearts to fall in love with these vintage tea cups. They are a work of art that have the power to take you back to the past. A past that…

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