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This is a stellar example of how good the Vinyl Collectible Dolls line can be. A fantastic sculpt of a terrific pose - and it's monochrome to boot! The best part is that most of these figures aren't all that expensive (this one was originally $38 + shipping), if you pick them up as they're released. Unfortunately, I can't find this figure being sold anywhere. If you want one, you'll have to start a search on eBay and wait for one to turn up. There's a new version being sold right now, but I…

Michael Notko
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I'd already bought the previous set of Gorilaz figures that Kidrobot released, but these were too cool to ignore. Not only are the sculpts and paint jobs even better than before, but they're cheaper, too! Since I had full-color versions of the band, I decided to go for the 2-tone set - each member is cast in a single color, with very analagous paint passes for highlights. Cool! You can get a full color set at the Kidrobot site for $79.80 (free domestic shipping for either set!), or get a…

Jhon G
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This just in from "Junk Fed is showing off their latest resin toy - the 5-inch tall Mini Moon Monster. This one will debut at the (In) Action Figures 5 exhibit at Clutter Gallery (running February 11th to March 3rd 2017). The figure is inspired by the Horror Fan Club Giant Moon Monster comic book ads of the 1970s and is limited to a run of 10 pieces for the exhibit premier." I wouldn't mind one of these little babies. Let's hope that Junk Fed decides on a regular…

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Here's a terrific piece from one of the best figure-makers out there, MINDstyle. I've been very impressed with the level of quality of everything they do - if I don't want to buy it, it's usually a taste issue with the designer - and that's really rare, too! This sculpt utterly nails Cho's drawing style, and it's a nice, solid, sag-resistant pose. The paint apps are really tight, and I like the color scheme a lot. If these colors are too loud for you, there's at least three other colorways…

Kiley Mullinix