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Explore mind-bending visual illusion ideas that will leave you amazed. Discover how to create captivating illusions that will challenge your perception and captivate your imagination.
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Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna, has hypnotized the world with his latest psychedelic installations at the ING Art Center in Brussels. Using paint and projections, he makes simple galleries, lobbies and transit centers look distorted, warped and twisted.

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Heaven on EarthOne of the first uses of mirrors in architecture was in Persepolis, Persia at the Tachara Palace. Glossy black stones were polished till their surface was reflective, expanding the palace’s size and beauty. 2,000 years later, I return to the concept of doubling space and light...

György Timár
Dimensions Blur in Aakash Nihalani’s Minimalist Optical Illusions | Colossal Op Art, Street Art, Design, Urban Art, Inspiration, Visual Illusion, Wall Design, Wall Graphics, Installation Art

Aakash Nihalani (previously) is known for his illusionist interventions that push the boundaries between two and three dimensions. Though he started off using using tape to form ephemeral installations, in the last few years Nihalani has moved into more permanent territory, working with wood and metal to form free-standing and wall-mounted sculptures. Throughout his practice, the artist works with simple geometric shapes and minimal black and white color palettes accented with neon. More