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Discover the unique approach of Waldorf Education and how it nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development in children. Find the best resources and insights to embrace this alternative educational philosophy.
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When we discovered the warm and inviting classroom of Lisa and Nathaniel Santa Cruz, we instantly fell in love. Wondergarten is a Waldorf-inspired in-home preschool that seeks to enrich the lives of children with goodness & beauty. At Bella Luna Toys, one of our missions has always been to share the beauty of Waldorf education. The rare glimpse into the classroom that Lisa & Nathaniel share each day on Instagram does just that, and in such a lovely way. Let's take a journey through their…

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In my last post, I described our relaxed, eclectic homeschool approach as a recipe--one that starts with a Charlotte Mason and Waldorf foundation, throws in a a generous helping of unit studies, sprinkles in some classical education, and occasionally gets ignored in favor of periodic unschooling. This recipe also changes often with seasons, interests, and with the phases in our lives. We are far from purists of any of these approaches, choosing rather to take what we love about each and…

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I have exciting news today… I’m happy to announce that I am bringing back the Discovering Waldorf Education series. So many of you have requested its return as it gave us all such a beautiful, every-day, insight into the Waldorf way. The Discovering Waldorf series is a compilation of articles about the Waldorf way of […]

Jolene Touitou
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I grew up attending school in France and never liked it. I have always been successful, ranking top of my classes, graduated high school at age 16… but I always hated school. I felt like I did not belong. I was not interested in the way we were taught – […]


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