Walk the plank game

Discover the best walk the plank game ideas for non-stop entertainment. Get ready to challenge your friends and family to an adventure-filled game that will keep everyone on their toes.
We actually put our plank on the ground and then blindfolded the kids, spinning each the number of times of their age.  They loved trying to walk the plank all dizzy.

I have been so non existence on this blog of mine and I apologize. But...I have good reason. I was very busy planning a very special bir...

Sara Balthazor
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In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the library hosted a Pirate Scavenger Hunt. It's not a Pirate Scavenger Hunt unless you're a pirate. Oriental Trading had cute foam pirate hat kits, and I set up a table where the kids could decorate their hat however they wanted. Next was swords and eye patches. I went through a few pirate sword balloon tutorials and whipped up a bucket full of balloon swords, and we bought the eye patches. Once everyone looked the part, then it was time to…

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