Water cycle foldable

Make learning about the water cycle fun and interactive with these creative foldable ideas. Engage your students and help them visualize the different stages of the water cycle with these hands-on activities.
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For our unit in Science (Earth Systems and Patterns), after the four seasons comes the Water Cycle! My kids absolutely love the Water Cycle. We started off by watching a video that I found on Safari Montage. As we go through the video, I pause to clarify things and ask questions. After the video, we sing the Water Cycle song! It is sung to the tune of She'll Be Comin Round the Mountain. It takes a lot of practice but the kids love it! They will sing it all throughout the rest of the year…

Kate Russell
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My Grade 4's are learning about weather in science. To help them understand the water cycle better, we created foldable water cycles. On each of the four flaps, we wrote the processes of the water cycle, and under the flaps, gave definitions of the process or information about that part of the water cycle. My students enjoyed making the foldables, and now have a better understanding of the water cycle. This activity was a great supplement to the weather pack I created. The class is working…

JoAnn Guz
Here is a fun way to help your child review and practice their knowledge of the water cycle, one of our first units in science in fourth grade. This would be  an awesome way to help your child study their science content in a fun and different style! Teaching, Pre K, 6th Grade Science, 5th Grade Science, Homeschool Science, School, Lapbook, School Fun, 4th Grade Science

In a week, my class will be moving on from the scientific method to weather. In order to activate prior knowledge (and also to ensure all my students have this background understanding), we will start by discussing the water cycle. They'll work together to create this foldable that labels, explains, and shows the water cycle. It is just a regular sheet of cardstock or copy paper folded at 2 3/4" from both ends. This brings the flaps together at the center of the page. The flaps are cut at 4…

Mrs. Hartman
Water Cycle Foldable | Ever a Teacher: The Water Cycle

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