Water dragon

Learn all about water dragons, their habitats, behaviors, and more. Dive into the world of these captivating creatures and discover how to care for them as pets.
(if you choose the underwater dragon just pretend its on land) Types Of Dragons, Creature Fantasy, Beast Creature, Cool Dragons, Water Dragon, 다크 판타지, Sea Dragon, Dragon Pictures, Dragon Artwork

I'm you're Green and Black Fire (child reader!×Antisepticeye and Darkiplier) - What the!? (Chapter 12)

(FINISHED) You are an 11-year-old child that was in an orphanage, your parents didn't care about you so they dyed your hair permanently and replaced your blue eyes for galaxy eyes, but they abused you cause you were half-demon, with your wolf ears, tentacles, wings, and you're demon spikey tail. But what happens when you're dad takes you out of the orphan just to kill you? Who will rescue you? You have to read to find out. (SEQUEL IS ALREADY OUT)

Greyson Alexander