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Explore creative ways to incorporate water troughs into your garden. From unique planters to stylish water features, discover ideas to elevate your outdoor space.
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This recent polar vortex is reminding us that winter has not thrown its final party yet. We can still expect some freezing nights as we near spring. Even here in Western Washington State, you would think I'd be prepared. Preparation makes the work easier. But it is inevitable to find me searching for unfrozen hoses

Sandra Brunk
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This is the tale of two ponds. I bought the second stock tank, the larger one, in January after we had moved to this rental. It holds 160 gallons. The smaller (below) holds 100 gallons. I keep a variety of small fish in these to eat the inevitable mosquito larvae. In the winter, the northern native rosie minnow does just fine. In the summer, and in the south, the mosquito fish become gambusias. If I'm clever, I will get an indoor tank and twice a year swap out the fish as the climate…

Brian Gilbert
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