Welsh Recipes

Experience the rich and traditional flavors of Wales with these mouthwatering Welsh recipes. From hearty stews to tempting desserts, explore the best of Welsh cuisine and bring a taste of Wales to your kitchen.

Stephen Terry’s dish, made to represent Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, tops slow-cooked beef shin with cheesy bread fried in goose fat. Take a look through more irresistible savoury pie recipes.

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How To Make Welsh Rissoles: Authentic Welsh Rissole Recipe

These Welsh corned beef rissoles are just like the ones you can find in traditional fish and chip shops in Wales. But what makes Welsh rissoles "Welsh", exactly? While international variations of the rissole use ground or minced beef, lamb, or pork, authentic Welsh rissoles call for corned beef. Crisp, burnt orange balls crammed with creamy mashed potato flecked with salty corned beef and soft, golden onions, it's no wonder they're such a popular Welsh comfort food. Best of all, they'll be…

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