What do you mean

Explore the true meaning behind the phrase 'What Do You Mean' and gain insight into its various interpretations. Discover different perspectives and open your mind to new possibilities.
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A good friend of mine recently recounted to me the first time she accepted less than she deserved and started to believe the story of her unworthiness. As a sixth grader (sixth grade!!! The mom in me shudders), she had fallen head over heels for a boy in her class. He was cute, charming, and, muc

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English Phrases for Asking for Somenone’s Opinion Are you aware of…? Would you support the view that…? What’s your take on…? What do you think about it? How do you feel about…? Do you agree with me? Do you know/see what I mean? Don’t you think that…? Is it in fact the case that…? Could you explain to me…? Are you saying that…? Could you tell me…? May I ask you…? What’s you opinion about…? Just tell me the reason why? Could someone please tell me …? Do you have an idea…? Is it right what I’ve…

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