Winter cleaning

Get your home ready for the winter season with these ultimate cleaning tips. Create a fresh and cozy environment by decluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning your space.
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When we look at a new house we're considering moving in to, we spend hours looking at every tiny little detail, like door angles, light direction and the color of the tiles in the walk-in closet. But one thing many of us overlook can actually end up impacting our life in our new home much more than the height of the electric sockets: neighbors.Some neighbors can be great - they can help you out with things around the house, keep a spare key, and even become friends.But sometimes, even if…

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In certain parts of the country, “winterize” is a pretty abstract concept. (It was 102 degrees in Los Angeles the week before Halloween, mind you). But there are certain tasks we should all consider as we head, if not into snow and sub-zero temps, then at least into a chance of rain.

Kati Jane