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Get your kids excited about art with these creative winter painting ideas. Explore fun and easy projects to keep them entertained during the colder months.
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Welcome! This blog post features a guided tutorial of how to create a monochromatic winter landscape painting. This activity helps artists to build skills using the elements of art: COLOR, SPACE & VALUE. A monochromatic color scheme shows variations of tints, tones and shades of one color. This composition can be done with a range of

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I'm not an artist - so trust me - if I can make this painting, it has to be pretty easy! I HAD to try this art project just because it's fun. And cool. And sciency. (My browser is telling me that's not a real word... haha) This salt and watercolor snowflake art project actually teaches you something, and I LOVE that! I'll be the first person to raise my hand and admit, 'I can't draw or paint'. And trying to make me do either of those two things will make me want to hide my head in…

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Easy Bundled Q-tip stamped snowy winter tree paintings. Check out our trees for every season. Winter, spring, summer and fall arts and craft project for kids. Make cherry blossoms or beautiful autumn leaves. Great for toddlers or preschoolers Play, Pre K, Art, Diy, Fall Art Projects, Fall Tree Painting, Painting Snow, Winter Tree Crafts, Snow Art

Over the fall, my daughter and I had a blast making autumn trees. We painted and experimented with a few different methods, but our favorite was this lovely fall tree painted with bundled Q-tips. They were such a huge hit with my daughter and our readers, that I thought that we could use this technique […]

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