Wire wrapped jewelry rings

Discover a collection of unique and stylish wire wrapped jewelry rings. Elevate your style with these beautifully crafted rings that are perfect for any occasion.
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In this wire wrapping tutorial, I will show you how to make wire rings for easy DIY jewelry! This particular design is called a rosette ring and it's made strictly with wire (no gems or beads). This is a simple tutorial perfectly suited for beginners who are learning basic wire wrapping techniques. These rings are super cute, very easy to make and fun to wear. They also make excellent gifts for any jewelry lover in your life! This wire-wrapping tutorial is part of my 'Beginner Series' of…

Linda Popdan
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I love fashion rings! But their price tag can be quite scary…Luckily, my crafting skill is here to help. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make wire wrapped rings for three different shape gemstones. You can create lots of beautiful rings using […]

Klyka Swensk

How To: Make a Wire Ring: Making wire rings has recently become a trend, and I can understand why! These rings are so fun to make and they look so cute on. In my opinion, they elevate and dress up any outfit, so spending a few minutes making a few is worth it. I especially l…

Holly Noel