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Discover a collection of inspirational words and phrases that will ignite your creativity as a writer. Unlock your true potential and find motivation to write your next masterpiece.
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Good morning! I am taking a break from math workshop this week to write about how I organize for Writer's Workshop! I LOVE writer's workshop. Honestly, it is probably my favorite time of the school day. After a brief mini-lesson, I put on some classical music (which research says is the best "brain" music for writing....absolutely NO lyrics during writing time). Then we have a short period of silence where absolutely NO talking is allowed (this gives students time to think about what they…

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Teaching is an exceptionally hard job. Not only do they not get paid enough but they also have to deal with entitled parents who think their precious snowflake children should get special treatment. However, that does not mean every parent who gets angry at a teacher is in the wrong. And it also does not

Liz Gibbs