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Discover the perfect wrist wallet to keep your essentials close at hand while adding a touch of style to your outfit. Explore our collection and find the perfect wrist wallet for your lifestyle.

Leather Wrist Wallet / Cuff with hidden pocket in black leather. Made to order. These are awesome if you are taking your dog for a walk and need to bring some cash and a card and a potty bag. Keep in mind when figuring out size that your cards and cash will take up about 1/2 inch so if your wrist is 8 inches, go with the M/L. These are all handmade and will vary based on hides. S/M 7-8 inches M/L 9-10 inches Can be made custom based on wrist size. See more of our store here…

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The wallet bracelet is an amazing idea that fits perfectly into the concept of creative design and functionality. It is not only an elegant accessory, it is a piece that offers much comfort for those who do not want to leave with a bag. Bags are often a nuisance, especially at concerts and clubs because […]

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WELCOME TO SOFREE! Our Wrist Wallets are Fashionable Cuff Bracelets that contain a secret ( shhh :) inner pocket where you can safely and comfortably stash and carry your money, keys, credit cards, or any other day-to-day small items. Perfect for Travel, Parties, Festivals, Sports, or Just your everyday! Wear it on your wrist, arm, or Ankle, and FEEL THE FREEDOM! Handmade with lots of LOVE. This clever design is not only a beautiful accessory to complete your look, but it is also a…

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wrist wallet for running. Step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

The photograph above shows a wrist wallet I made recently. These are really quite easy to make and can be made in any kind of fabric design. This particular one was made for a boy so I used a soft denim type fabric. You can use 2 different types of fabric instead of using the same style, it really is up to you how you want these to look. You don't need to follow my exact sizes - measure the wrist the wallet is for and make sure that you have the right length to fit the wrist! Mine was made…

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Wrist Wallet Green suitable for everyday or travel I love when all you need at your fingertips. Wide Female bracelet purse with a secret will be a great addition to the evening together, and the original idea will be the most valuable things is always "at hand" money, small keys and credit card fit in a hidden pocket;))) The Wristlet wallet is made in khaki dress over her arm, pocket fastens with Velcro. You can also choose a design; khaki and black matte beads khaki and transparent glass…

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