Yard sale pricing guide

Learn how to price your items for a successful yard sale and maximize your profit. Get expert tips and tricks to attract buyers and sell your items at the right price.
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IT’S TIME TO HAVE A GARAGE SALE, BABY! And then it hits you. You don’t want to give things away, but you also don’t want to scare people away with high prices. What to do?!?! Never fear, mah dear. Here are my 20 tips how to price garage sale items.

Cindy Gaut
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Hosting a yard sale or garage sale? Learn 10 yard sale mistakes many people do and they don't even know it and see your profit rise.

Sheana Ward
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Run your well organized, successful garage sale with this ultimate guide of free garage sale printables, checklists, worksheets, table signs and templates. You will also get free editable garage sale price tags and pricing guide. Each free yard sale resource will also give you garage sale tips and ideas to make your items sell well!

Betty Klein
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Multi-family garages sales might scare you because of the planning required or the mere thought that friends and family will dump their junk and run. But I assure you that multi-family are way more successful than single family garage sales. And, if done right, the workload will be spread out to many people instead of