Youth group valentines

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your youth group by engaging in fun and meaningful activities. Discover creative ideas to foster love, friendship, and togetherness among your young members.
#loveoneanother Love One Another- 14 Day Challenge, Valentines Day, Free Printable Sunday School, Christ, Confirmation, Winter, Good Advice For Life, First Love, Love One Another, Youth Group Valentines, To Start put up a great article! They had the fabulous idea to start February with a 14 day Love One Another challenge. Of course it ends on Valentines Day. How perfect right? I'm so excited to have this hanging in my home, and having my family work on one simple challenge to simply LOVE. 13X19 Want one of your own? Click on the image. When is shows up BIG, right click and save it to your computer. Take it in to a local copy store and have it printed 13X19 for $1-$2. I wanted this BIG! Or if…

Diane Small