Zen Garden

Transform your outdoor area into a peaceful retreat with Zen garden ideas. Discover how to incorporate elements of nature, balance, and simplicity to create a serene and harmonious atmosphere in your own backyard.
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--------------------- more products here - https://etsy.me/2Kygv7J --------------------- Set includes: 📌 bamboo base 12 x 8 x 1" 📌 sparkly sand 📌 small sea pebbles 📌 balancing stones - 5pcs 📌 tools - 2pcs 📌 air plants holder - 1pcs 📌 air plants - 1pcs 📌 Weight: about 800g 📌 Stones, beads and air plants are chosen randomly from available. This minimalistic Zen garden set is made up of traditional pieces. These are sand, pebbles, and stones. Handmade wooden tools will help you create…

Kendra Carpentier