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a fire pit in the middle of a garden with plants and buddha statue behind it
Urban Design Systems : Laser cut design screens
a light bulb sitting on top of a piece of wood in the woods next to trees
16+ Extraordinary Industrial Loft Cafe Ideas
9 Amazing Tricks Can Change Your Life: Mid Century Industrial Bedroom farmhouse industrial bedroom.Industrial Furniture Sliding Doors industrial office cabinet.Industrial Office Decor..
a modern outdoor light mounted on the side of a building in front of a door
Metal Wall Lamp #WallLamp — Metall — Pixodium
Metal Wall Lamp #WallLamp. Metall. Pixodium - Selected pictures blog organized in thematic feeds. All images on this website are found in internet and presented with reference link to the source..
a mannequin made out of chains and beads is shown in front of a gray background
Metal art sculpture buste homme
a metal sculpture of a man's face with hair blowing in the wind, against a blue sky
Fragmented Wire Sculptures Capture the Complexity of Man’s Inner Psyche
Sculptor Darius Hulea molds metal wire to create incredible artwork reflecting on the inner and outer psyche of man.
a man is working on a sculpture made out of chains and other things in the background
Welded Bicycle Chain Sculptures — 5 things I learned today
We've seen Young-Deok Seo's welded chain sculptures
a statue of a leopard running across a lush green field
diedel klover, makes amazing sculptures from recycled waste, mostly metal junk
a metal horse head on top of a wooden block in the middle of a field
Gilbert Verbeerst
a metal horse head sitting on top of a block of wood next to a wall
Portal de la Academia de Artes
Pedro Cervantes