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an image of a triangle with numbers on it and the words in different colors are shown
Pascal’s Triangle
a square with many dots in it and the center is surrounded by smaller black dots
Beauty and the Maths • mathmajik: The Prime Number Spiral was allegedly discovered by physicist Stanislaw Ulam while doodling during a boring physics talk. When the natural numbers are arranged in a spiral on a grid, and the prime numbers are highlighted, an interesting pattern emerges: diagonal lines appear. The effect seems sufficiently obvious to preclude any sort of optical illusion, but thus far there is no explanation for the effect
an astro wheel with numbers and zodiac signs
The Language of God
The Language of God - World Mysteries Blog
a table topped with lots of crafting supplies on top of a wooden table covered in paper
Fran McConville's Harmonograph Page
Fran McConville's Harmonograph Page
a hand is holding a wooden sculpture on a white surface with an object in the foreground
Webdesign Blog
John Edmark is a master of mathematical spinning sculpture. You may remember his 'Fibonacci Zoetrope' sculptures we previously covered that become animated when spun at just the right speed. Also in his portfolio are these more rudimentary laser-cut sculptures, that are both amazing toys and works of art. Some of these are made with stop motion, others spun by hand, and others appear to have a motor. The common thread is that they are all clever illusions presented in a playful way. Watch ...
Geneva Drive Array [GIF]
a wooden model of a machine with metal balls on it
Zero State Reflex
Zero State Reflex - Infinite Marble Machines
Zero State Reflex
Zero State Reflex - Infinite Marble Machines