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a yellow and silver box with some stickers on it's lid, sitting in front of a white background
Back to The Future Plutonium Case | BTTF Plutonium Case | Swanflight
an open tool box filled with tools on top of a table
From Holz-Handwerk: Furniture, Shop Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings & Tool Storage - Core77
a three tiered metal cart sitting on top of a hard wood floor
a tool box filled with lots of tools
Werkzeugkiste TECHNOCRAFT PRO FLEX | opo.de
a work bench in a garage with tools on it
IMG_0647 | dagooos | Flickr
two drillers are sitting on top of a stand in a garage with other tools
Tired of my grinders always being in the way on the workbench so i made this stand to keep next to the bench in reach and its nice way to keep them when i'm not using them. #g2worksfab #builtnotbought #organize #weldshop #migwelder #tigwelding #weldlife #weldeverydamnday