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Kiwi, the destroyer of sick excuses

Kiwi fruit: Health benefits of the green fuzzy fruit – MAIL KING ViV

Run for your life

Tennis shoes, also called athletic shoes or sneakers (which are called so because wearers of these shoes are able to sneak silently), of course aren't just for

Accidental exercise

How do you think Zumba was created? In the when fitness instructor Alberto went to teach a group aerobics class and forgot his music, he improvised, using the salsa and merengue tapes he had in his backpack.

Martial artists' secret breakfast

Shi DeRu and Shi DeYang - Shaolin Kung Fu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Weekend CEO

Reuben Paul of Indian origin is an CEO and cyber security expert.

Chocolate inside lemon

Lemon, Lime and Bitters white chocolate and citrus dessert From Masterchef Australia 2014

Dry Water on Paper

It's an insane hyper-realistic coloured pencil drawing of a wave on paper!

Stars in the Sea

A 'Sea of Stars' on Vaadhoo Island, in the Maldives.Surely a sight for sore eyes. The blue is the reflection from the moon, on the sea, which is also reflecting the stars.

Grass wins against goat

After PETA released a horrific video detailing one of Patagonia's suppliers abusing and killing lambs, the company has cut ties with the supplier. Thank Patagonia and animal rights activists for demanding the humane treatment of wool lambs.

Water helps burning?!

Walking in water burns approximately 50 more calories an hour. So does walking against the wind or wearing a backpack!

Why pomegranates aren't blue

Diet controls the shape and state of our bodies, minds and skin. According to supporters of the “Rosacea Diet”, the best diet for someone with Rosacea or any other inflammatory condition is an alkaline diet.