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an image of a pattern that is very similar to the design in this bookmark
two rows of beaded bracelets with different designs
Комплект – 140 photos
three different patterns are shown on the same page
Мои схемы – 479 photos
some type of cross stitch pattern with different colors
an image of some type of beading pattern
Na 12dokola
an image of different patterns in the form of squares and rectangles on a sheet of paper
Схемы жгутов-2 – 1,160 photos
a computer screen shot shows the results of different colors and patterns on an array of squares
an image of a blue and white pattern with words on it that say,'i love
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the cross stitch chart shows how many different colors are used to create this pattern, including yellow and gray
the cross stitch pattern is shown in different colors and sizes, including pink, blue, and black
an image of some patterns in the computer screen shot, it looks like they have been made out of beads
four different patterns are shown in the same pattern as each one is made out of beads