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a man with a hat sitting on some steps
Morning Cigar - Trinidad, Cuba
Morning Cigar - Trinidad, Cuba - I'm SURE I saw this man when we were in Trinidad.
a person sitting on a boat in the water with a yellow umbrella and a basket
a monk walking down an alley way with a quote above it that reads, i son so do due error che si possono fare ne camino verso ver
Buddhist monk
Beautiful... Kunst Inspiration, Beautiful Doors, Jolie Photo, Fotografi Potret, Pics Art
a man sitting on the ground with two small children and a camera in his hand
children playing in the desert with rocks and trees
This is amazing. Look at these kids. Look at the kids playing in the tree. Look at the child drawing in the sand. Playing with each other. Now look at the kids in America, with their noses in their phones, shut off from the world. The little kids with the only thing they can memorize is TV showings. America needs to learn to climb the trees and see what God has in store for their life.
a little boy that is standing on some stairs with a yellow robe over his body
a small child with a basket on his back and a quote about the same person
Such a sweet face - Nepal.
:D beautiful child Children Photography, Foto Baby, Interesting Faces, Beautiful Eyes
:D beautiful child