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Även i större format som inbjudan till vänfest.


Un fiore per ogni Uno

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I read and you paint me & Yo leo y tu me coloreas (autor desconocido)



Simple Apple Craft

Most Popular Teaching Resources: Simple Apple Craft (krokotak)

Kardan adam

Kardan adam

Winter Snowman Classroom Door

Winter Snowman Classroom Door by magdalena

Hoşgeldiniz Kapısı

Hoşgeldiniz Kapısı


Some sort of star shape board. Points coming out from the middle on to which you can stick the weekly words.

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Flowers from paper podelky svoymy hands 26 thousand.

Photos from Ötlet Sziget Kreatív's post - Ötlet Sziget Kreatív

παιχνιδοκαμώματα στου νηπ/γειου τα δρώμενα: δωράκια για την αρχή της σχολικής χρονιάς .....

δωράκια για την αρχή της σχολικής χρονιάς .....

paichnidokamomata stou nip / workshop the happenings: gifts for the beginning of the school year .

Fall Apple Door. Children made apples using construction paper and black beans for seeds then, I added a large "eaten" apple. Title is, "God loves us to our core!"

Fall Apple Door: "God loves us to our core!

Big floral Easter egg

idea for Ray: make a big egg and buy flower stickers for her to decorate it kind of like this