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times tables for kids 5 times table circles 1

Math times tables worksheets to help your kids learning multiplication in easy and fun way. Includes time table test for basic multiplication, times table multiplication and many more.

Classroom Freebies: Make 5!

Make 5!

Good beginning of the year stuff! Math Coachs Corner: Games for Making Three different math center activities for combinations to make Roll for Make 5 Memory, Make 5 Go Fish. Includes dot cards and a recording sheet.

PLACE VALUE PACK - COMMON CORE 9 worksheets that cover place value: using tens models, hundreds models, and expanded form, +/- 10 and 100 from a given number, and a graphic organizer. Also includes a set of 16 task cards covers all of the above place value standards and skills. These would be a great math center!

Place Value Worksheets & Task Cards {2nd Grade}

Add 10 or 100 more or 10 or 100 less to numbers Place Value Worksheet Pack - Common Core Third Grade- work with numbers in thousands

Játékos matematika feladatok 8-9 éveseknek

Játékos matematika feladatok 8-9 éveseknek