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Ildikó Szénási

Ildikó Szénási
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Cool idea for a tattoo

hourglass tattoo drawings - Clock melts or dissolves into birds

Tree of life. Signifying where my roots are and where your branches grow.

Celtic tree of life - tattoo idea, some detail for the piece on my shoulder :)

so cute, my little Phoenix<3

This is a beautiful yet simple phoenix tattoo. I've been thinking of getting a phoenix tattoo because my name means, "One who shall rise again.

totem like phoenix tattoo

Several phoenix tattoo designs with totem style. Those totem phoenix tattos are all abstract yet exquisite and beautiful.

SCO: I'm becoming interested in spinal tats. I like the scroll effect here…

Bird back tattoo. Would change the face of bird. Love the placement, length & style

The phoenix tattoo represents renewal, rebirth and the beginning of a new life…

watercolor flower tattoos, flower watercolor tattoos and water color flowers.

phoenix tattoo!

phoenix tattoo, rise from the ashes

Phoenix Tattoo Meaning  Ideas Fire Bird

phoenix (rising from the ashes) . inspirat Phoenix (rising from the ashes)


Using a centuries-old technique known as quilling, Russian artist Yulia Brodskaya manipulates strips of colorful paper by rolling, looping and curling them into decorative shapes. Paper art by Yulia Brodskaya: Firebird

Moon and stars ((...thinkin about possibly getting something like this when we…

50 All Star Galaxy Tattoos photo chermarie's photos - Buzznet i just really like the moon