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a baby seal floating in the water with its paw up to it's head
The 100 Cutest Animals Of All Time - List Inspire
a polar bear looking up at the camera
For Polar Bears, More Fat is Better
a polar bear swimming in the water with it's eyes closed and his head resting on its back
A Photographer Spent Two Years Photographing Animals That May Soon Be Extinct
a polar bear is running in the snow with his paws on its back and eyes wide open
Arctic Excitement
a polar bear is looking at the camera with an intense look on it's face
Photo of the Day | Sean Crane Photography
a polar bear with his eyes closed looking into the distance, in black and white
a black and white photo of a polar bear's head looking up at the sky
a polar bear sitting in the snow with its eyes closed and it's head turned to the side
Polar bear near Hudson Bay in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada hd wallpaper
a white polar bear laying in the snow with its mouth open and eyes wide open
PHOTOS: Watch Celeb Polar Bear Cub Grow
two polar bears are laying down in the snow with their heads on each other's back
two polar bears cuddle together in the snow
wolverxne: Polar Bear and Cub | by: [Tin Man] | my favorite・・・
a close up of a reindeer's face in the snow
Morphle And The Zoo Animals! (+1 hour funny Morphle kids videos compilation)
two owls are sitting in the nest of a tree trunk with snow on its top
Incredibly Cute Animals (23 pics)