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DIY Snail Costume Simple DIY Dress Up Costume? Snail-ed it! Oh you know we like a fancy dress costume – And you know that – the simpler, the better! Having kids who are not terribly keen on dressing up has been a challenge, and because of that we’ve been

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From 'Harley Quinn' to 'Creepy Stitched Doll' here's some of the coolest DIY Costumes you can make this Halloween!

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Do you actually need a good reason to make a tutu? But in this case, I fell in love with this fabulous idea and I needed a pho.


Great for rainy days jelly fish Halloween Costume Inspiration Board: Jellyfish! Lots of great ideas for kids costumes.


28 Children's Costumes That Put Every Costume You've Ever Worn to Shame

Children are probably the most active and excited Halloween enthusiasts, so we decided to share 28 of the creepiest, funniest, weirdest, and prettiest children’s Halloween costume ideas for this year’s fiesta of horror and fun!