Hungarians decorate Easter eggs using traditional designs. Another tradition during Easter is the sprinkling of women with water. A spring festival celebrates the best of Hungarian culture.

What Do You know About Hungarian Culture?

Hungarian tile with "Tree of Life" from Kalotaszeg (Hungarian region), Transylvania.  Private collection, Hungary.  Kalotaszeg is a region in Romania, belonging to the area of Transylvania which was formerly part of the Hungarian Kingdom. It is one of the areas in Western Romania with a significant Hungarian population, and it is a stronghold of old Transylvanian Hungarian folk traditions.  After the "Treaty" of Trianon of 1920, it became part of Romania. Dictatorially, without a referendum.

Hungarian tile with "Tree of Life" from Kalotaszeg (Hungarian region)…

csodaszarvas tarsoly

csodaszarvas tarsoly

Torontal County, Austria-Hungary

Torontal County Kingdom Of Hungary. One of three counties making up the Banat.