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Double Standards (Part 1) - Short Lived

He stared down at me with those cold dark eye's. Backing me up against the wall with his hand pressed against my throat he growled out. "Do you know the ways I could kill you? The things I could do to you babydoll? I'll ask you again, what did you see in my black bag?" Through tears, I stammered out. "N-nnothing. I saw nothing" Giving me that malicious smile of his, he spoke in that deep Italian accented voice "Good answer Laney, good answer". Finally letting me go, I placed my hand to my…

Ira Glass and the History of Shakespearean Criticism — Good Tickle Brain

So, as everyone knows, earlier this week NPR radio star Ira Glass ignited a firestorm by daring to voice his opinion about Shakespeare, writing the following tweets:

Shakespeare Biography Comic

Every study of Shakespeare should begin with his life and times. But why use boring background handouts when you can introduce Shakespeare to students with a comic?This comic introduces students to the life of William Shakespeare. Also included: another page with more details about Shakespeare's lif...