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Pyssel sommartips till skola + fritids del 3 | Storstadsmamman

TÉMA: Hurá prázdniny

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Dechové cv.

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4.	Studánka

TÉMA: Chráníme životní prostředí

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"Nature Colour Wheel is an innovative tool for nature enthusiasts and educators alike.  This circular board features a spectrum of colors, providing a fun and interactive way to identify and appreciate the different shades and hues of the natural world. Take the Nature Colour Wheel on your next hike, park walk, or use it to explore your own backyard. It encourages you to slow down, observe nature, and make the great outdoors even more magical. It's not just a fun tool but also a great way to make your backyard more inviting. It's easy to use, simply add wooden pegs to match the colors you see in nature, making it great for children and adults. It also serves as an excellent educational tool for classrooms and homes, teaching color theory in an interactive and engaging way. COMES IN COLOUR


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Pin by Kateřina on školka | Color worksheets for preschool, Job inspiration, Book worth reading


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Actividad de Buen trato

Kamarádi / adaptace

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Наша начальная школа | Násobení, Matematika, Učení

Režim dne, rutiny

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Hádám hádáš hádáme

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Poutě a posvícení - jak to bylo dříve a jak je to dnes (září 2017)

Svátky, tradice

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Halloween, Dušičky

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Mikuláš, čert, anděl

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Sv. Martin

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Advent, Vánoce

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Tři Králové

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cardboardfolk on Instagram: TP Roll Easter Baskets! It’s Easter basket week for #averycardboardeaster and I’m time poor so making quick and easy crafts this week,…


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Çim bahçe grass grassman ev house kindergarten


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Spark your child's imagination with this interactive ice cream designing activity! From choosing flavors to adding creative toppings, this sensory-filled experience combines art, play, and learning. Join us for a delightful adventure of flavors and fun!


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