quiet book - this actually has all the same pages from the one my mom made me.

Why books can't interact with readers? here is an example of DIY books for kids that enable kids to interact with the number and words inside the book. Lets Diy one for your kids, Book

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Allow your young ones hours of fun, enjoyable learning and self-motivated skill development. Compile your own personal Quiet Book by choosing activity pages suited to your childs interest, ensuring hours of fun and play. Quiet Books are perfect activities

Maybe for Emma when she's a little older; I have some time....

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Washer Sock Match Felt Board ITH Embroidery by WhimsyWillowEmb

Washer Sock Match Felt Board ITH Embroidery by WhimsyWillowEmb (Book Diy Ideas)

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Counting apple tree counting quiet book page and can be added to other pages to create the perfect quiet book. Practice counting to five and matching apples on the apple tree. These pages are wonderfu