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My Portfolio - Gallery cambrian co. www.cambriancodesign.com Our terrariums are uniquely distinct and handmade with love. Each jar is a beautiful little world of freshness ready to grace a window sill, island counter top,office desk or a wedding table. We love to make custom orders for clients with specific requests and unique taste so let us know what you are thinking. Our terrariums can be tailored decor for weddings, corporate events and any special function you can think of.

DIY Gifts in a Mason Jar Ideas and DIY! Organic Mason Jar Terrarium Projects for Fun Crafting and Home Decor

Small pool

This would be an AMAZING outdoor area! hot tub for adults and a small swimming pool chill by, Links to other small pool ideas too.

See-through pool is a must!

I want a glass pool wall. Wait, I just want a pool. But I won't say no to glass pool wall.


Tulip, rose and pussy willow bouquet from Jane Packer's new book.

Coffee Lover

Coffee art / latte art - I love coffee


coffee tastes even better with these latte art

Latte ♥

Convertible Coffee Table and Folding Bed Project

SAKURA Cappuccino, Latte Art by Cafe Hidari Pocket (Nakameguro, Tokyo) |桜カプチーノ

SAKURA Cappuccino, Latte Art by Cafe Hidari Pocket (Nakameguro, Tokyo) |桜カプチーノ **i love prettily packaged and presented foodstuffs. japan and korea both do this in an almost high art fashion.

Sakura latte.

sakura foam-art - pink powder and stencil.

Sakura latte art

pink cherry blossom design on coffee. Probably the most beautiful coffee cup art I've seen.