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Ravelry: Helene pattern by Anny Blatt Crochet Cowl Free Pattern, Knitwear Fashion, Cardigan Pattern, Sweater Knitting Patterns, Jacket Pattern, Knit Jacket, Knit Outfit, Knit Fashion, Crochet Cardigan
Helene pattern by Anny Blatt
Ravelry: Helene pattern by Anny Blatt
Very beautiful raglan line at the top
a sweater hanging on a clothes hanger with lights in the background
a sweater with an image of a fox on it
a woman wearing a green sweater with yellow bees on it
a woman wearing a knit sweater with multicolored circles on it
a woman wearing a blue scarf with a flower on the front and brown button in the middle
Vintage Man Sweaters Long Sleeve Loose Solid Knitted Knitwear Pullovers
These vintage men's sweaters offer a classic look with their loose, long-sleeved design and solid knitted texture. Perfect for a timeless and cozy style, these knit pullovers are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
Ribbed Button Decor Asymmetrical Hem T-Shirt, Casual Long Sleeve Top
This Ribbed Button Decor Asymmetrical Hem T-Shirt is a casual, versatile top with a twist. Featuring stylish button accents and an asymmetrical hem, it offers a unique flair to the classic long-sleeve tee. The ribbed texture adds depth, making it a trendy and comfortable choice for everyday wear.
Colorful Stripe Knit Sweater, Casual Crew Neck Lantern Sleeve Sweater
This Colorful Stripe Knit Sweater features a playful blend of vibrant hues, adding a lively touch to your casual wardrobe. Its comfortable Crew Neck and stylish Lantern Sleeves make it a cozy yet trendy choice for any occasion. Stay warm and fashion-forward with this delightful sweater.