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Fountain Zolnay, Pécs, Hungary. Made in Zolnay Manufacture, 1912, by Andor Pilch. Erected: 1930. Oxen-headed water-sprouts of the 4 m high fountain made of eosin, have been made by the pattern of one of the drinking horn of the so-called golden find of Nagyszentmiklós. The fountain is erected on the place where in Turkish era had been the "running of the Cadi". The square is named from 2003 Square Zolnay. (

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Alternative statue of Franz Liszt in the southern town of Pécs. Hungary | Liszt | Statue of the great Hungarian composer Liszt Ferenc / Franz Liszt, looking down from the balcony of the Archbishopal Palace in Pecs, Hungary. A special interpretation of his great Hungarian Rhapsody can be found here: A more colloquial interpretation - Adam Gyorgy, Budapest Academy of Music - can be found here:

Gate, Zsolnay Mausoleum - Pécs DSC_2686-2687 Panorama-1

'Zsolnay' Porcelain Manufactory & Cultural Quarter - Pécs DSC_2610-1

Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed, Pécs, Hungary

Pécs, Hungary's most colorful city (Zsolnay tiles)