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#Фруктовый букет из лимонов своими руками 🙌🏻 #Мастеркласс по фудфлористике. #Рукоделие #Хэндмэйд
a woman holding a plate with a cake on it and lit candles in the middle
День рождения
a person holding up a glass with origami cranes in it's bottom
Geometric Paper Card Ideas: Precision and Style
Geometric Paper Card Ideas: Precision and Style
a bulletin board with pictures hanging on it and string lights strung from the pegs
magician funeral ideas
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a white plate
Chocolate Skull Cake
If deep, dark chocolate cravings have been haunting you, try this decadent vegan chocolate layer skull cake… if you dare! Filled and coated with a lush chocolate buttercream, dripped in a satiny ganache and topped with pure chocolate skulls, this is one wicked cake! Perfect for an elegant and spooky vegan Halloween dessert!
4h 30m
a heart shape made up of squares in grey and white colors on a white background
Corazón de fotos
Pizza Star Bread: la Ricetta veloce della pizza a forma di stella
DIY Video Stern aus Hefeteig mit Schokoladenfüllung